SysTools is a library of utility routines & classes for Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder.
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TurboPack SysTools

Table of contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Package names
3.  Installation


1. Introduction

SysTools is a library of utility routines & classes for Embarcadero
Delphi and C++Builder. It includes 1-D & 2-D bar codes, sorting, 
money routines, logging, high-precision math, a run-time 
math expression analyzer, & much more.

This is a source-only release of TurboPack SysTools. It includes
designtime and runtime packages for Delphi and CBuilder and supports Win32 and Win64.


2. Package names

TurboPack SysTools package names have the following form:

SysToolsDR.bpl   (Delphi Runtime)
SysToolsDD.bpl   (Delphi Designtime)
SysToolsDBDR.bpl (Delphi data aware Runtime)
SysToolsDBDD.bpl (Delphi data aware Designtime)

SysToolsCR.bpl   (C++Builder Runtime)
SysToolsCD.bpl   (C++Builder Designtime)
SysToolsDBCR.bpl (C++Builder data aware Runtime)
SysToolsDBCD.bpl (C++Builder data aware Designtime)


3. Installation

To install TurboPack SysTools into your IDE, take the following

  1. Unzip the release files into a directory (e.g., d:\systools).

  2. Start RAD Studio.

  3. Add the source subdirectory (e.g., d:\systools\source) to the
     IDE's library path. For CBuilder, add the hpp subdirectory
     (e.g., d:\systools\source\hpp\Win32\Release) to the IDE's system include path.

  4. Open & install the designtime package specific to the IDE being
     used. The IDE should notify you the components have been


4. Issue with C++Builder under Win64

If you compile with C++Builder under Win64 and receive an error like:

[ilink64 Error] Error: Unresolved external 'vtable for...

you should add the following lines to your cpp file:

#ifdef _WIN64
#pragma comment(lib, "%packagename%")