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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Package names
  3. Installation


The Turbopak Mustangpeak library for Delphi and C++Builder was originally developed by Jim Kueneman and contains the EasyListView and the VirutalShellExplorer components. Mustangpeak VirtualShellTools provides Windows Explorer style shell treeview and list view components for Delphi and C++Builder applications. The main component TVirtualExplorerTree is a VirtualStringTree decsendant and is VCL Styles and DPI-aware enabled.

This is a source-only release of MustangpeakVirtualShellTools. It includes designtime and runtime packages for Delphi and CBuilder and supports Win32 and Win64.

Package names

MustangpeakVirtualShellTools package names have the following form:

  • VirtualShellToolsD.dpk (Delphi runtime package)

  • VirtualShellToolsDD.dpk (Delphi design time package)

  • VirtualShellToolsC.bpl (C++Builder Runtime for the VCL)

  • VirtualShellToolsCD.bpl (C++Builder Runtime for the VCL)

RAD STUDIO Berlin or later supported.


To install MustangpeakVirtualShellTools into your IDE, take the following steps:

  1. Install first MustangpeakCommonLib, MustangpeakEasyListView and Virtual-TreeView.

  2. Clone or download and unzip the Github repository into a directory (e.g., D:\MustangpeakVirtualShellTools).

  3. Start RAD Studio.

  4. Add the source subdirectory (e.g., D:\MustangpeakVirtualShellTools\Source) to the IDE's library path.

  5. Open and compile the runtime package specific to the IDE being used.

  6. Open & install the corresponding designtime package.

  7. If you have installed Toolbar2000 or SpTBXLib components and want to use them with VirtualShellTools, enable the respective directives in Include\