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TurboStake Official Development Repository

What is TurboStake?

TurboStake is a TurboStake network-compatible, community-developed wallet client.

The project has been designed to provide people with a stable, secure, and feature-rich alternative to the TurboStake reference wallet (http://github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin).

To help faciliate broad community cooperation, a number of trusted TurboStake/Peershares community leaders have write permissions to the project's codebase, allowing for decentralization and continuity. Community members, old and new, are encouraged to find ways to contribute to the success of the project. If you have experience with programming, product design, QA engineering, translation, or have a different set of skills that you want to bring to the project, your involvement is appreciated!

TurboStake Resources

About TurboStake

TurboStake (abbreviated trbo), also known as TurboStake and Peer-to-Peer Coin is the first cryptocurrency design introducing proof-of-stake consensus as a security model, with a combined proof-of-stake/proof-of-work minting system. TurboStake is based on Bitcoin, while introducing many important innovations to cryptocurrency field including new security model, energy efficiency, better minting model and more adaptive response to rapid change in network computation power.

Repo Guidelines

  • Developers work in their own forks, then submit pull requests when they think their feature or bug fix is ready.
  • If it is a simple/trivial/non-controversial change, then one of the development team members simply pulls it.
  • If it is a more complicated or potentially controversial change, then the change may be discussed in the pull request, or the requester may be asked to start a discussion TurboStake Talk for a broader community discussion.
  • The patch will be accepted if there is broad consensus that it is a good thing. Developers should expect to rework and resubmit patches if they don't match the project's coding conventions (see coding.txt) or are controversial.
  • From time to time a pull request will become outdated. If this occurs, and the pull is no longer automatically mergeable; a comment on the pull will be used to issue a warning of closure. Pull requests closed in this manner will have their corresponding issue labeled 'stagnant'.
  • For development ideas and help see here.

Translation Guidelines

Changes to translations as well as new translations can be submitted to TurboStake's Get Localization page.

Translations are periodically pulled from Get Localization and merged into the git repository.

Important: We do not accept translation changes as GitHub pull requests because the next pull from Get Localization would automatically overwrite them again.