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About Turf.js

TurfJS is a modular geospatial analysis library for designed for use in the browser as well as Node.js. We provide almost 150 modules for people to use freely in their applications. Our most popular module is downloaded 50,000 times a week via npm.

Why we're looking for support

TurfJS is a community-driven project maintained by a small group of core contributors who work on the project in their spare time. Time is spent supporting users, improving documentation, fixing bugs as well as creating new modules. Your funding will directly go to development costs, marketing campaigns, promotional events & any other financial costs to operate & maintain TurfJS.

In particular, we're looking for corporate sponsors who use TurfJS in revenue-generating ways, either by creating applications for clients, or through use in an app used by customers. Of course individuals are welcome to support us as well if TurfJS has helped you :)

2017 Achievements

  • Refactoring the codebase to support ES6 modules
  • Adding approx 70 new modules/functions
  • All new documentation

Development goals for Turf.js in the coming year

  • Removing our largest dependency (JSTS) to significantly reduce the size of our compiled code
  • Add new modules to bring us closer to feature parity with other geospatial libraries
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