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Geospatial analysis software has a few prominent strains:

* Esri & other closed-source, proprietary libraries
* Open source libraries in the lineage of JTS

# Python

* [Shapely]( is a friendly Python binding to GEOS
* [geopandas]( is a layer on top of Shapely and Fiona for PostGIS-like tasks

# C++

* [GEOS]( is a port of JTS to C++

# JavaScript

* [jsts]( is a port of JTS to JavaScript

# Java

* [JTS](

# Go

* [gogeos]( is a Go binding to GEOS
* [go.geo]( is a pure-Go implementation of some geometry operations and primitives

# Postgres

* [PostGIS]( provides geospatial operations within the Postgres database. Advanced operations rely on GEOS.

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