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Adding a Custom Status Effect Reward

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Before you add a status effect reward, you need to have the basic reward setup. If you have not done that already, you need to head here to set up the base for the reward.


Field Name Type Default Field Description
potionid String speed The ID/Name of the potion to be dropped when the Chance Cube is opened
duration Integer 1 The Duration that the potion should last for in seconds
amplifier Integer 0 The amplifier/ strength of the potion. 1 less than in game number amount, so 0= amplifier I, 1 = amplifier II, i.e Speed II
radius Integer 1 The radius around the chance cube that all players within will receive this status effect
delay Integer 0 The delay for the potion to wait after the Chance Cube is broken before being spawned


		"chance": 0,
			{"potionid":"speed", "duration":"%%RND(1,5)%%", "amplifier":1, "radius":32}

Config Tutorial:


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