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Adding a Custom UI Title Reward

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Before you add a status effect reward, you need to have the basic reward setup. If you have not done that already, you need to head here to set up the base for the reward.


Field Name Type Default Field Description
type String TITLE The type/ location of the ui title to display. (TITLE, SUBTITLE, ACTIONBAR, TIMES, CLEAR, RESET)
message JSON {} Json of the title display text
fadeInTime Integer 0 How long it takes for the title to fade in
displayTime Integer 0 How long the title will stay on the screen for
fadeOutTime Integer 0 How long it takes for the title to fade out
isServerWide Boolean False Whether or not to send this title to all players on the server or not
range Integer 16 Range that all players that are with in will receive the title (If not server wide)
delay Integer 0 The delay for the title to wait after the Chance Cube is broken before being shown


		"chance": 0,
			{"type":"ACTIONBAR", "message":{"text":"Hello World!"}, "displayTime":10, "range":32, "delay":0}

Config Tutorial:


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