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BERT model trained from scratch on Finnish.

Release 0.1

September 30, 2019 We release a beta version of the BERT base cased model trained from scratch on a corpus of Finnish news, online discussions, and crawled data.

Download the model here:


If you want to use the model with the huggingface/transformers library, follow the steps in

Initial, as of yet unpublished and therefore unofficial evaluation results of the model are as follows:

Named Entity Recognition on the FiNER data

Model Accuracy
Rule-based (FiNER) 87%
BERT-Base Multilingual Cased (Google) 88%
FinBERT-Base Cased 91%

PoS tagging

UD_Finnish-TDT test set, gold segmentation

BERT-Base Multilingual Cased (Google) 96.93%
FinBERT-Base Cased 98.45%
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