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A simple but powerful web crawler library in C#
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Infinity Crawler

A simple but powerful web crawler library in C#

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  • Obeys robots.txt (crawl delay & allow/disallow)
  • Uses sitemap.xml to seed the initial crawl of the site
  • Built around a parllel task async/await system
  • Auto-throttling (see below)

Polite Crawling

The crawler is built around fast but "polite" crawling of website. This is accomplished through a number of settings that allow adjustments of delays and throttles.

You can control:

  • Number of simulatenous requests
  • The delay between requests starting (Note: If a crawl-delay is defined for the User-agent, that will be the minimum)
  • Artificial "jitter" in request delays (requests seem less "robotic")
  • Timeout for a request before throttling will apply for new requests
  • Throttling request backoff: The amount of time added to the delay to throttle requests (this is cumulative)
  • Minimum number of requests under the throttle timeout before the throttle is gradually removed
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