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Updated reference to calling OpenCover

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Turnerj committed Aug 5, 2019
1 parent 81399fd commit 80e536f165dc2f3b706af08bec0f5339a165bcf0
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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ if ($RunTests -And -Not $CheckCoverage) {
elseif ($RunTests -And $CheckCoverage) {
Write-Host "Running tests with coverage..." -ForegroundColor "Magenta"
OpenCover.Console.exe -register:user -target:"%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\dotnet\dotnet.exe" -targetargs:"test tests/InfinityCrawler.Tests/InfinityCrawler.Tests.csproj /p:DebugType=Full" -filter:"+[InfinityCrawler]* -[InfinityCrawler.Tests]*" -output:"$packageOutputFolder\coverage.xml" -oldstyle
Invoke-Expression ("$env:LOCALAPPDATA\Apps\OpenCover\" + 'OpenCover.Console.exe -register:user -target:"%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\dotnet\dotnet.exe" -targetargs:"test tests/InfinityCrawler.Tests/InfinityCrawler.Tests.csproj /p:DebugType=Full" -filter:"+[InfinityCrawler]* -[InfinityCrawler.Tests]*" -output:"' + $packageOutputFolder + '\coverage.xml" -oldstyle')
if ($LastExitCode -ne 0 -Or -Not $?) {
Write-Host "Failure performing tests with coverage, aborting!" -Foreground "Red"
Exit 1

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