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Python Samples

This directory includes Python samples for Turta IoT HAT 3.


  • Demonstrates reading the 3D acceleration data.
  • Demonstrates most of the IoT HAT's functionality together.
  • Demonstrates reading the ambient light data.
  • Demonstrates measuring differential analog inputs from analog ports.
  • Demonstrates measuring single-ended analog inputs from analog ports.
  • Demonstrates reading onboard button press state using interrupt.
  • Demonstrates reading onboard button press state.
  • Demonstrates switching the relays with button press.
  • Demonstrates using the piezo sounder.
  • Demonstrates digital port read and write.
  • Demonstrates detecting hand gestures using GPIO interrupt.
  • Demonstrates detecting hand gestures.
  • Demonstrates sending infrared remote controller messages using NEC protocol.
  • Demonstrates reading input states of photocoupler using interrupt.
  • Demonstrates reading photocoupler input states.
  • Demonstrates measuring proximity.
  • Demonstrates toggling the solid state relays.
  • Demonstrates reading RGB light.
  • Demonstrates detecting tilt without using I2C bus.

Running the Python Samples

  • Copy the sample code to your Raspberry Pi.
  • Install the libraries with 'pip3 install turta-iothat3' command.
  • Run the sample with 'python3 <Sample_Name>.py' command.
  • Exit from the sample using CTRL+C or ^C key.


Visit for documentation.

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