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Python Samples

This directory includes Python samples for Turta RC Driver HAT.


  • Demonstrates reading analog inputs.
  • Demonstrates measuring battery Voltage.
  • Demonstrates using PWM outputs on controller port.
  • Demonstrates setting fan speed according to CPU temperature.
  • Demonstrates reading 3D gyro and acceleration data.
  • Demonstrates controlling LED lighting.
  • Demonstrates reading remote controller PWM channels from an RC receiver.
  • Demonstrates transferring RC remote inputs to steering servo and ESC.
  • Demonstrates reading vehicle speed using tachometer inputs.

Running the Python Samples

  • Copy the sample code to your Raspberry Pi.
  • Install the libraries with 'pip3 install turta-relayhat2' command.
  • Run the sample with 'python3 <Sample_Name>.py' command.
  • Exit from the sample using CTRL+C or ^C key.


Visit for documentation.

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