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This packge provides tools for autoconfiguring launch files and udev
rules for TurtleBot robots running ROS.

The script creates a udev rule to set the permissions and the name of
FTDI serial devices based on their serial number. This ensures that
the devices always come up on the same port independent of the order
in which the devices are connected.

This file is installed to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-turtlebot-auto.rules

The script also checks to see if /etc/ros is a symlink, if so it
removes the symlink and creates a new /etc/ros directory with files
that are automatically generated. This allows the launch files to
support various hardware with minimal user intervention. This process
helps to configure the TurtleBot Arm if it is attached and deal with
battery support for the Lenobo X130e.

This package is meant to be built as a debian .deb but it can be
manually installed by running the following.

$ python setup.py install