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jihoonl commented Jan 8, 2013
  • "Start turtlebot" on top left
    I really like the turtle icon on the top right which allows to start turtlebot. I think it would be great if it can do a little more such as "stop turtlebot" and status log. When I started turtlebot with "start turtlebot", it was just showing "starting turtlebot" and hard to understand what is going on inside.
  • ~/ros directory
    I checked that it is not in the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. Is it a placeholder for next version of ISO?
  • Unity is different from "Get started" guide line.
    In the Get started guide line, it shows turtlebot icons and some useful features. But the current version does not show launchers like rviz, or rxconsole.
  • Kobuki repo version
    I found that the ISO is using old code before Christmas. A lot of things been changed and got stabilized.
    Daniel told me that new version of Kobuki code is going to pushed within this week. So it would be great if the ISO uses it. (OpenNI got really stabilized with the lastest code!)
  • Start turtlebot
    Right now there is a minor bug preventing notifications from being displayed. So you should be getting a notification that the robot is starting/stopping that looks like the WiFi connect/disconnect message. If you think it would help be can also open a ros log window or launch robot_monitor.
  • ~/ros directory
    This was a typo, it was supposed to be /etc/skel/.ros Fixed.
  • Unity is different from "Get started" guide line.
    The package tuertbot-desktop-groovy should fix most of this. Mostly Fixed, turtlebot-config currently does not exist for groovy.
  • Kobuki repo version
    We pull the latest from the ros repos. ie. this should be fixed now.
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