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#lang racket
(define (poly-min p)
(argmin values (hash-keys p)))
(define (poly-deg p)
(argmax values (hash-keys p)))
(define (poly-range p)
(in-range (poly-min p) (+ 1 (poly-deg p))))
(define (poly-mul p1 p2)
(for*/fold ([noob (hash)]) ([ i (poly-range p1)] [ j (poly-range p2)])
(define k (+ i j))
(define a (* (hash-ref p1 i) (hash-ref p2 j)))
(hash-set noob k (+ (hash-ref noob k 0) a))))
(define (mega-mul ps)
(foldl poly-mul (car ps) (cdr ps)))
(define (mkdie d)
(for*/list ([i (in-range 1 (+ 1 d))] [j (in-value 1)])
(cons i j))))
(define (mkroll r)
(define n (car r))
(define d (cdr r))
(cons (mkdie d)
[(equal? n 1) empty]
[else (mkroll (cons (- n 1) d))])))
(define (push xs x)
(append xs (list x)))
(define (cool-round x y)
(define scalar (expt 10 y))
(/ (round (* x scalar)) scalar))
(define (mkhg x)
(make-string (inexact->exact (round (* 500 x))) #\#))
; input
(define (args)
(define yarr
([yash '(() . 0)])
([arg yarr])
[(regexp-match #rx"d" arg)
(push (car yash)
(let ([y (regexp-split #rx"d" arg)])
(cons (string->number (car y)) (string->number (cadr y)))))
(cdr yash))]
(car yash)
(+ (cdr yash) (string->number arg)))])))
(define input (args))
(define rolls (car input))
(define addme (cdr input))
(define combinations
(λ (x sum) (* sum (expt (cdr x) (car x))))
(define polys
([ls '()])
([r rolls])
(append (mkroll r) ls)))
(define dist
(mega-mul polys)
(λ (k v)
(+ k addme)
(cool-round (/ v combinations) 5)))))
(define output
(λ (term)
(let ([x (car term)] [px (cdr term)])
(if (> px 0)
(format "~a\t\t~a\t\t~a\n" x px (mkhg px))
(sort dist (λ (a b) (< (car a) (car b)))))
(display output)
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