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Turtle Rover

Electronics: Shield

This is Raspberry Pi 3 hat designed for Turtle rover.


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Supply voltage: from 12 V to 28 V
Equipped with TLE9201SG motor controllers
Continuous output current per channel: 6 A
Maximum momentary current per channel: 8 A
Number of channels: 4
PWM frequency: up to 20 kHz
3 x adjustable step-down DC-DC 3A converters
Built-in STM32F030 microprocessor
Available interfaces:

  • I2C/UART
  • SPI
  • USB
  • SWD
  • 3 x servo

Dedicated to Raspberry Pi B + connectors
Dimensions: 84 x 56 mm

Board view

PCB board view

Connectors standard

I2C & Servo USB & SPI Programming


Manufacture files are generated and added to release.

Online view of schematics and layout

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This git project is intended for using with Eagle PCB.