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Intergrated Alexa and Lifx bulb
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Intergrated Alexa and Lifx bulb

Hardware required

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Lifx Color 1000 bulb:


  1. Lifx HTTP API:
  2. Creating a deployment package for AWS lambda function:

Setup for Lifx app (not required for the demo but still is quite useful)

  1. Download Lifx app from the market place
  2. Reset the bulb (if it is already paired) and then pair it up with your phone
  3. Follow the instructions in the app and complete the setup
  4. Make sure that you have claimed the device

Get the private token

  1. Register as a develop for Beta HTTP API's with Lifx
  2. Go to to get your token. If it doesn't work then use the URL from

Clone the code


Setup AWS Lambda Function

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'create a lambda function'
  3. Skip
  4. Configure triggers -> alexa skills kit, next
  5. Give some name and description
  6. Runtime python 2.7
  7. Compress requests-2.11.1.dist-info, requests and to
  8. Code copy entry -> upload a .zip file
  9. Handler: dragonboard.lambda_handler
  10. Create rule (lambda_basic_execution)
  11. Next -> Complete Function
  12. In paste the token obtained from Lifx

Set up Alexa skills Kit

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'create a skill now' (you will need to sign in with your amazon account)
  3. Click on 'add a new skill' button
  4. On skill information tab, give invocation name as 'dragonboard' and a name of your choice
  5. Go to interaction mode tab, first add custom slot type from 'custom_slot_types.txt' e.g: Type: LIST_OF_COLORS Value: red green blue orange pink white yellow violet cyan
  6. Copy the content of intent_schema.json and sample_utterance.txt as is
  7. Go to configuration tab, select Lambda ARN (you can get this ARN on the top of 'Lamda function' which was created in the previous section
  8. Go to test tab: Sample utterance->Enter Utterance->Alexa tell dragonboard, I am feeling blue
  9. You should see the bulb change the color and the result in Lambda response
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