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The main repository of the TuxML project, contains the scripts and codes for Linux kernel compilations.
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TuxML: Machine Learning and Linux Kernel

The goal of TuxML is to predict properties of Linux Kernel configurations (e.g., does the kernel compile? what's its size? does it boot?). The Linux Kernel provides nearly 15000 configuration options: there is an infinity of different kernels. As we cannot compile, measure, and observe all combinations of options (aka configurations), we're trying to learn Linux kernel properties out of samples of configurations. You can easily loan your machine and contribute if you want, just copy and paste the line below!

TuxML's Logo

The goal of the TuxML team is to develop tools, mainly based on Docker and Python, to massively compile and gather data about thousand of kernel configurations. The TuxML name comes from the combination of Tux, the mascot of the Linux Kernel, and ML for statistical Machine Learning.

I want to help by compiling some Linux kernels!

Requirements : Python3 and Docker are needed (do not forget to start the docker service usually with sudo service docker start).

wget ; python3 --dev 1

Copy this command and run it in a terminal. It will send compilation results to our database. You can modify the 1 parameter to any other number (it's the number of kernels your machine will compile). The python script gives you some other options that you can use, see this page for more.

For a more up-to-date version of TUXML, please consider the dev branch

I want to know more about the project!

Please check our wiki.

Contributors' list

  • Mathieu Acher (University Rennes 1, INRIA, CNRS, IRISA), scientific leader
  • DiverSE team (INRIA/IRISA research team)
  • ANR VaryVary project
  • Master 1's team of 2017-2018 :
    • Corentin CHÉDOTAL
    • Gwendal DIDOT
    • Dorian DUMANGET
    • Antonin GARRET
    • Erwan LE FLEM
    • Pierre LE LURON
    • Alexis LE MASLE
    • Mickaël LEBRETON
    • Fahim MERZOUK
  • Alexis LE MASLE (internship during 2018 summer)
  • Master 1's team of 2018-2019 :
    • Valentin PETIT
    • Cyril HAMON
    • Paul SAFFRAY
    • Michaël PICARD
    • Malo POLES
    • Luis THOMAS
    • Alexis BONNET
  • Paul SAFFRAY (internship during 2019 summer)
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