a Ruby ToDo application, aiming to be used from CLI and KDE (QT and plasmoid!)
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=This is RubyRubyDo (ready for you)

== Description
RubyRubyDo is a Ruby ToDo application, aiming to be used as a KDE plasmoid.
I really missed this feature on KDE and whay I found already was too overkill
(integration with nepomuk, web server on local machine!) or required to give
away your data on the web.
Currently is under development the desktop application in QT, as playground for
writing the plasmoid itself.
Aside that, I hope to create even a CLI interface and a web interface and, for
free, an API to manage ToDo lists of your own in your projects.

== Documentation
See ToDo::ToDo and ToDo::Task for the core todo list and task management.
More information will be posted here as I'll develop the QT app, plasmoid, CLI
and web interface.

== Examples
Basic usage:

  todo_list = ToDo::ToDo.new  
  task1 = ToDo::Task.new 'Buy the milk!', 1, Date.today 
  task2 = ToDo::Task.new 'Phone John for ticket!', 2, Date.today + 1
  task3 = ToDo::Task.new 'Clean the car', 3, Date.today - 7
  task4 = ToDo::Task.new 'Go fishing!', 5
  todo_list << task1 << task2 << task3 << task4

Check if a task is overdue:

  puts todo_list[3].overdue?

Mark a task as fulfilled:

  puts todo_list[1].fulfilled_date

Unmark a task as done:

  puts todo_list[1].due_date

Retrieve a saved todo:
  todo_list = ToDo::ToDo.new

Retrieve all done tasks
  done_list = todo_list.done()

Retrieve all tasks due after a given date and not done yet
  due_after_today_list = todo_list.due_after(Date.today)

Retrieve all tasks due between two given dates not done yet. The first date must be less 
or equal to the second one, otherwise nil is returned
  due_list = todo_list.due_between(Date.today - 1, Date.today + 1)

Retrieve all tasks due for a given date not done yet 
  due_today_list = todo_list.due_for(Date.today)
Retrieve all tasks without a due date not done yet. 
  due_list = todo_list.with_no_date()

Retrieve all overdue tasks not done yet 
  overdue_list = todo_list.overdue()

= Installing RubyRubyDo
To be completed.
== Installing the Gem
To be completed.
== Installing Manually
To be completed.

== Comments, Info and/or Questions
Feel free to email {TuxmAL}[mailto:tuxmal@tiscali.it] for any question or info.