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Lemonstand V1 Google Analytics oAuth2

Brings Lemonstand V1 Google Analytics signing method up to date with oAuth2

Google's Universal analytics support

This feature will be turned on by default, but can be turned off to use the legacy analytics.


  1. Login to your Google Developers Console. (
  2. Create a project (if you haven't already got an active project)
  3. Navigate to 'APIs' under 'APIs & auth' , search and add the Analytics API to your project.
  4. Navigate to 'Credentials' under 'APIs & auth' and 'Create new Client ID' choose 'Web Application' as your option, add your domain name under 'Authorized JavaScript origins', if your domain name has not automatically been added to the 'Authorized redirect URIs' text area prepend your domain name leaving the Redirect URIs callback as 'oauth2callback' i.e (
  5. Logout of Lemonstand V1 admin area.
  6. Create a new folder called googleanalytics in the modules section of your Lemonstand V1 installtion.
  7. Add the content of this folder to the newly created googleanalytics folder.
  8. Login to Lemonstand V1, you will possibly see a large alert on the dashboard, ignore this.
  9. Navigate to System > Settings > Statistics and Dashboard
  10. Enter your Google Developer Console credentials NOTE Making sure your Redirect URI is identical to the one used in Google Developer Console and Save.
  11. Toggle your preference to use Universal or Legacy analytics.

On Save

1 of 2 options will occur when accepting and authorising the web app.

  1. You will either be redirected to Google Authorisation page to accept and authorise the web app.
  2. An alert will flash up on the stats page with a message along the lines of "MOVED TEMPORARILY" with an option to click a link which says 'here'.

If option 2 is the option click the 'here' link which will then take you through to option 1 where you can proceed to accept and authorise.


Brings Lemonstand V1 Google Analytics signing method up to date with oAuth2




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