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Part of my thesis on graph- and relational databases for storing supply chain data
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DummyDataGenerator docs(): cleaned up code documentation Jul 3, 2019

Supply Chain Management Dummy Data Generator

This tool generates a schema and fills it with supply chain data for several different databases to use for benchmarking or testing. Default data generation parameters and connection settings can be changed in the main program.

How to use

When running for the first time, the program will generate a .env file in the main program directory, fill this file with the right connection properties and relaunch the program to be able to generate data. Execute using Visual Studio 2017 or higher.

Technologies used

  • C# .NET Core 2.0
  • MySQL Connector/NET 8.0.16 for MySQL 8.0.x
  • Neo4j .NET driver 1.7 for Neo4j 3.5.x


  • Generation of supply chain structures based on configurable parameters
  • Consistent data generation using Bogus fake data library
  • Partial multi-threading for generation of data
  • Evaluating generated datasets with the included evaluators

Current Database Support

Database Type Support
MySQL Relational 100%
Neo4j Graph 100%
SQL Server Relational 20%
PostgreSQL Relational 0%
Titan Graph 0%
OrientDB Document/Graph 0%
MongoDB Document 0%
... ... ...

To Do

  • Add support for other relational databases
  • Add support for other NoSQL databases (key value store, column store, document store)
  • Add more batch insert features to speed up generating the data
  • ...
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