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/* This file is (c) 2008-2011 Konstantin Isakov <>
* Part of GoldenDict. Licensed under GPLv3 or later, see the LICENSE file */
#include <QObject>
#include <QMap>
#include <set>
#include <list>
#include "dictionary.hh"
#include "instances.hh"
#include "wordfinder.hh"
/// This class generates the article's body for the given lookup request
class ArticleMaker: public QObject
Q_OBJECT // We make it QObject to use tr() conveniently
std::vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > const & dictionaries;
std::vector< Instances::Group > const & groups;
QString displayStyle;
/// On construction, a reference to all dictionaries and a reference all
/// groups' instances are to be passed. Those references are kept stored as
/// references, and as such, any changes to them would reflect on the results
/// of the inquiries, although those changes are perfectly legal.
ArticleMaker( std::vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > const & dictionaries,
std::vector< Instances::Group > const & groups,
QString const & displayStyle );
/// Sets the display style to use for any new requests. This affects the
/// choice of the stylesheet file.
void setDisplayStyle( QString const & );
/// Looks up the given word within the given group, and creates a full html
/// page text containing its definition.
/// The result is returned as Dictionary::DataRequest just like dictionaries
/// themselves do. The difference is that the result is a complete html page
/// with all definitions from all the relevant dictionaries.
/// Contexts is a map of context values to be passed to each dictionary, where
/// the keys are dictionary ids.
/// If mutedDicts is not empty, the search would be limited only to those
/// dictionaries in group which aren't listed there.
sptr< Dictionary::DataRequest > makeDefinitionFor( QString const & word, unsigned groupId,
QMap< QString, QString > const & contexts,
QSet< QString > const & mutedDicts =
QSet< QString >() ) const;
/// Makes up a text which states that no translation for the given word
/// was found. Sometimes it's better to call this directly when it's already
/// known that there's no translation.
sptr< Dictionary::DataRequest > makeNotFoundTextFor( QString const & word, QString const & group ) const;
/// Creates an 'untitled' page. The result is guaranteed to be instant.
sptr< Dictionary::DataRequest > makeEmptyPage() const;
/// Makes everything up to and including the opening body tag.
std::string makeHtmlHeader( QString const & word, QString const & icon ) const;
/// Makes the html body for makeNotFoundTextFor()
static std::string makeNotFoundBody( QString const & word, QString const & group );
friend class ArticleRequest; // Allow it calling makeNotFoundBody()
/// The request specific to article maker. This should really be private,
/// but we need it to be handled by moc.
class ArticleRequest: public Dictionary::DataRequest
QString word, group;
QMap< QString, QString > contexts;
std::vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > activeDicts;
std::set< gd::wstring > alts; // Accumulated main forms
std::list< sptr< Dictionary::WordSearchRequest > > altSearches;
bool altsDone, bodyDone;
std::list< sptr< Dictionary::DataRequest > > bodyRequests;
bool foundAnyDefinitions;
bool closePrevSpan; // Indicates whether the last opened article span is to
// be closed after the article ends.
sptr< WordFinder > stemmedWordFinder; // Used when there're no results
/// A sequence of words and spacings between them, including the initial
/// spacing before the first word and the final spacing after the last word.
typedef QList< QString > Words;
typedef QList< QString > Spacings;
/// Splits the given string into words and spacings between them.
QPair< Words, Spacings > splitIntoWords( QString const & );
QPair< Words, Spacings > splittedWords;
int currentSplittedWordStart;
int currentSplittedWordEnd;
QString currentSplittedWordCompound;
QString lastGoodCompoundResult;
bool firstCompoundWasFound;
ArticleRequest( QString const & word, QString const & group,
QMap< QString, QString > const & contexts,
std::vector< sptr< Dictionary::Class > > const & activeDicts,
std::string const & header );
virtual void cancel()
{ finish(); } // Add our own requests cancellation here
private slots:
void altSearchFinished();
void bodyFinished();
void stemmedSearchFinished();
void individualWordFinished();
/// Appends the given string to 'data', with locking its mutex.
void appendToData( std::string const & );
/// Uses stemmedWordFinder to perform the next step of looking up word
/// combinations.
void compoundSearchNextStep( bool lastSearchSucceeded );
/// Creates a single word out of the [currentSplittedWordStart..End] range.
QString makeSplittedWordCompound();
/// Makes an html link to the given word.
std::string linkWord( QString const & );
/// Escapes the spacing between the words to include in html.
std::string escapeSpacing( QString const & );
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