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2D rectangular bin packing algorithms for the Haxe bin-packing haxelib. Run the demo in your browser.

Based on the public domain C++ bin packers by Jukka Jylänki.


  • Several fast approximate bin packing algorithms.
  • "Occupancy rate" measure to compare packing performance.
  • Configurable packing heuristics.


Run the demo in your browser and refer to the example code.

Basic usage example:

// Initialize a bin packer
var binWidth:Int = 800;
var binHeight:Int = 400;
var useWasteMap:Bool = true;
var packer = new SkylinePacker(binWidth, binHeight, useWasteMap);

// Start packing rectangles
var rectWidth:Int = 20;
var rectHeight:Int = 40;
var heuristic:LevelChoiceHeuristic = LevelChoiceHeuristic.MinWasteFit;
var rect:Rect = packer.insert(rectWidth, rectHeight, heuristic);

if(rect == null) {
	trace("Failed to pack rect");
} else {
	trace("Inserted rect at: " + Std.string(rect.x) + "," + Std.string(rect.y));


Get the Haxe library code here or via haxelib.

Include it in your .hxml

-lib bin-packing

Or add it to your Project.xml:

<haxelib name="bin-packing" />


Screenshots of the demo:




  • The algorithms in this haxelib are ported from public domain C++ code by Jukka Jylänki.
  • For details about the algorithms, see Jukka's blog posts and paper.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions then get in touch.