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Geometrize is a desktop app that geometrizes images into geometric primitives.

Download Geometrize here, or run the web demo in your browser.

Geometrize Shape Animation


  • Recreate images as geometric primitives.
  • Start with hundreds of images with preset settings.
  • Export geometrized images to SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF and more.
  • Export shape data as JSON for use in custom projects and creations.
  • Control the algorithm at the core of Geometrize with ChaiScript scripts.


Open the app, select an image, pick your desired shape types, and hit start.

Geometrize Getting Started Animation

Video tutorials for Geometrize are posted here:

Geometrize Video Tutorials

Shape Comparison

The matrix shows results for circles, triangles, rotated rectangles, rotated ellipses and all supported shapes at 50, 200 and 500 total shapes:

- 50 Shapes 200 Shapes 500 Shapes
Circles 50 Circles 200 Circles 500 Circles
Triangles 50 Triangles 200 Triangles 500 Triangles
Rotated Rectangles 50 Rotated Rectangles 200 Rotated Rectangles 500 Rotated Rectangles
Rotated Ellipses 50 Rotated Ellipses 200 Rotated Ellipses 500 Rotated Ellipses
All Shapes 50 All Shapes 200 All Shapes 500 All Shapes


By batch editing and exporting images, and then combining the results using a tool such as ScreenToGif, you can produce animations using Geometrize:

Geometrized Horse Animation Rectangles

Geometrized Horse Animation Triangles

Geometrized Horse Animation Circles


For more examples of geometrized images, see the gallery.

Geometrized Flower 330 Rotated Ellipses

Geometrized Train 230 Rotated Ellipses

Geometrized Trees 210 Ellipses

Geometrized Woodland Cemetery 600 Rotated Rectangles



Geometrize is a Qt app written in C++.

  • Download and install Qt 5.10 or above.
  • Install Python 3.x and add it to your path. The build process includes a few Python scripts for creating resource files.
  • Checkout this repository and all submodules, and build and run within Qt Creator.

If you want to develop or extend Geometrize, look at the top level repo for a high-level overview of the repositories in the Geometrize project.