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Twitter bot for Geometrize, a tool for geometrizing images into geometric primitives
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Geometrize Twitter bot logo

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Twitter bot for Geometrize, an app for geometrizing images into geometric primitives. The bot waits for images to be tweeted at it. It geometrizes images it receives into shapes, and posts the results on Twitter.

Geometrized Forest


Tweet an image at the bot for a random result:

@Geometrizer Hi, geometrize bot!

Or tweet the specific numbers of shapes you want the bot to use, in the order they should be added to the image:

@Geometrizer rotated_ellipses=50 circles=50 rotated_rectangles=100 triangles=30 - thanks Geometrize bot!

Here is an example of how it is done:

Example Geometrize Bot Tweet



  • Get a copy of Geometrize. Install or copy it into the geometrize subfolder.
  • Install Python 3.x, pip, and the tweepy and Pillow libraries.
  • A fresh Twitter app on the Twitter apps dashboard.


Fill in the Twitter app credentials in and then run the bot:


The bot should connect to the Twitter streaming API. Console output should look like this.

Tweet an image at the bot. After a few moments, the bot will tweet a geometrized version back at you.


  • If you want to develop the bot further, take a look at the documentation.
  • Got an idea or suggestion? Open an issue on GitHub, or send Sam a message on Twitter.
  • This bot was inspired by primitive, a Go library created by Michael Fogleman.
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