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Haxe AdMob

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Unofficial AdMob banner and interstitial ad support for iOS and Android Haxe OpenFL targets. See the demo app here.



  • Caching, showing and dismissing interstitial ads.
  • Showing, hiding and refreshing banner ads.
  • Customizable listener for reacting to SDK events.
  • Customizable banner positioning.
  • Multiple ad units.

Doesn't support:

  • Displaying more than one banner ad at a time.
  • IAP functionality.
  • Rewarded videos.
  • DoubleClick ads or mediation.

If there is something you would like adding let me know. Pull requests welcomed too!


haxelib install samcodes-admob


See the demo app for a working example using a custom listener:

Screenshot of demo app

Screenshot of demo app


Include the haxelib through Project.xml:

<haxelib name="samcodes-admob" />

For Android enter a device id if you want to use test ads on one:

<!-- Set this if you want to use test ads on a particular device. -->
<setenv name="AdmobTestDeviceId" value="YOUR_HASHED_TEST_DEVICE_ID" />

For iOS you can specify a test device id in the AdMob.initAdMob() call in Haxe code:

import extension.admob.AdMob;
import extension.admob.AdMobListener;
import extension.admob.AdMobGravity;

#if ios
AdMob.initAdMob("YOUR_HASHED_TEST_DEVICE_ID"); // Specify a test device id for iOS here.

// Optionally subclass AdMobListener and set it here to handle SDK events.
// Extending and customizing this is useful for actions like pausing the game when showing interstitials, showing banners as soon as they cache etc.
AdMob.setListener(new AdMobListener());

var interstitialId:String = "my_interstitial_id";

AdMob.cacheInterstitial(interstitialId); // Cache interstitial with the id from your AdMob dashboard.

// Later...
if(AdMob.hasInterstitial(interstitialId) {
	// Shows an interstitial with the given id.
	// If this is called and the interstitial isn't cached, then it won't display at all - that's just how the AdMob SDK works.
	// You should cache interstitial ads well in advance of showing them.

AdMob.setBannerPosition(AdMobHorizontalGravity.CENTER, AdMobVerticalGravity.BOTTOM); // All banners will appear bottom center of the screen

var bannerId:String = "my_banner_id";


// Later...
AdMob.showBanner(bannerId); // Shows the banner (it will only show if the SDK has finished caching a banner after calling refreshBanner)
AdMob.hideBanner(bannerId); // Hides the banner


Use #if (android || ios) conditionals around your imports and calls to this library for cross platform projects, as there is no stub/fallback implementation included in the haxelib.

If you need to rebuild the iOS or simulator ndlls navigate to /project and run


💸 Unofficial AdMob ads support for Haxe/OpenFL Android and iOS targets.





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