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Dot Files

My dot files for MacOS based machines.


Clone this repository to $HOME/.dotfiles and then run rake to symlink all the dot files into place.

Any files with a .symlink extension will be symlinked into your home folder with the extension removed and a leading . added. This words for folders, too. So you can have a vim.symlink folder and it will be symlinked to ~/.vim. These .symlink files can be at any depth in the dot files hierarchy, too.

I've arranged all my dot files into folders grouped by application. So all of my vim configurations are located in the vim folder. This means that my vim/vim.symlink folder lives there as well.

A few folders contain .rake files for doing a bit of extra setup. You can find all the available rake tasks via the rake -T command.


Dot files can do a lot, but they can't do everything quite yet. Here are a few things to remember when moving to a new machine.


Here is how you can preserve your Messages history when upgrading to a new machine. Copy the ~/Library/Messages folder from the old machine to the new machine. Viola - you're done. Just make sure that the Messages app is not running on either machine when you copy the folder.