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Enigma is part of a presentaion for the local Boulder Ruby Users Gruop. It is an example of integrating several Ruby gems into a coherent whole in order to create a basic ruby service.

The concept driving the presentation is that we need to take a simple "enigma" decoder script and convert it into a full Ruby application complete with daemonization, logging, configuration, command line parsing, etc. Our "enigma" algorithm is simply the Base64.decode method that comes as part of the Ruby standard library.

The codebase here is fully functional although lean in the areas of robustnuess and error handling. That is left as an exercise for the reader.


If you wish to run the code example, then you will need to install the following Ruby gems:

beanstalk-client logging loquacious main servolux

There is a script in the "code" folder called "" that will install these gems for you.


The enigma command is provided in the "bin" folder of the code area. And since this whole presentation is about using built in tools, please use the "--help" option to figure out how to use the software.

bin/enigma --help

Thanks for reading! TwP