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# :stopdoc:
# The formatting of log messages is controlled by the layout given to the
# appender. By default all appenders use the Basic layout. It's pretty
# basic. However, a more sophisticated Pattern layout can be used or one of
# the Parseable layouts -- JSON or YAML.
# The available layouts are:
# Logging.layouts.basic
# Logging.layouts.pattern
# Logging.layouts.json
# Logging.layouts.yaml
# In this example we'll demonstrate use of different layouts and setting log
# levels in the appenders to filter out events.
require 'logging'
# only show "info" or higher messages on STDOUT using the Basic layout
Logging.appenders.stdout(:level => :info)
# send all log events to the development log (including debug) as JSON
:age => 'daily',
:layout => Logging.layouts.json
# send growl notifications for errors and fatals using a nice pattern
:level => :error,
:layout => Logging.layouts.pattern(:pattern => '[%d] %-5l: %m\n')
log = Logging.logger['Foo::Bar']
log.add_appenders 'stdout', 'development.log', 'growl'
log.level = :debug
log.debug "a very nice little debug message" "things are operating nominally"
log.warn "this is your last warning"
log.error"something went horribly wrong")
log.fatal "I Die!"
# :startdoc:
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