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# :stopdoc:
# Because of the global interpreter lock, Kernel#fork is the best way
# to achieve true concurrency in Ruby scripts. However, there are peculiarities
# when using fork and passing file descriptors between process. These
# peculiarities affect the logging framework.
# In short, always reopen file descriptors in the child process after fork has
# been called. The RollingFile appender uses flock to safely coordinate the
# rolling of the log file when multiple processes are writing to the same
# file. If the file descriptor is opened in the parent and multiple children
# are forked, then each child will use the same file descriptor lock; when one
# child locks the file any other child will also have the lock. This creates a
# race condition in the rolling code. The solution is to reopen the file to
# obtain a new file descriptor in each of the children.
require 'logging'
log = Logging.logger['example']
Logging.appenders.rolling_file('roller.log', :age => 'daily')
log.level = :debug
# Create four child processes and reopen the "roller.log" file descriptor in
# each child. Now log rolling will work safely.
4.times do
fork {
Logging.reopen "This is child process #{}"
end "This is the parent process #{}"
# :startdoc:
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