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# :stopdoc:
# Loggers exist in a hierarchical relationship defined by their names. Each
# logger has a parent (except for the root logger). A logger can zero or
# more children. This parent/child relationship is determined by the Ruby
# namespace separator '::'.
# root
# |-- Foo
# | |-- Foo::Bar
# | `-- Foo::Baz
# |-- ActiveRecord
# | `-- ActiveRecord::Base
# |-- ActiveSupport
# | `-- ActiveSupport::Base
# `-- Rails
# A logger inherits its log level from its parent. This level can be set for
# each logger in the system. Setting the level on a logger affects all it's
# children and grandchildren, etc. unless the child has it's own level set.
# Loggers also have a property called "additivity", and by default it is set
# to true for all loggers. This property enables a logger to pass log events
# up to its parent.
# If a logger does not have an appender and its additivity is true, it will
# pass all log events up to its parent who will then try to send the log
# event to its appenders. The parent will do the same thing, passing the log
# event up the chain till the root logger is reached or some parent logger
# has its additivity set to false.
# So, if the root logger is the only one with an appender, all loggers can
# still output log events to the appender because of additivity. A logger
# will ALWAYS send log events to its own appenders regardless of its
# additivity.
# The show_configuration method can be used to dump the logging hierarchy.
require 'logging'
Logging.logger.root.level = :debug
foo = Logging.logger['Foo']
bar = Logging.logger['Foo::Bar']
baz = Logging.logger['Foo::Baz']
# configure the Foo logger
foo.level = 'warn'
foo.appenders = Logging.appenders.stdout
# since Foo is the parent of Foo::Bar and Foo::Baz, these loggers all have
# their level set to warn
foo.warn 'this is a warning, not a ticket' 'this message will not be logged' 'nor will this message'
bar.error 'but this error message will be logged'
# let's demonstrate additivity of loggers
Logging.logger.root.appenders = Logging.appenders.stdout
baz.warn 'this message will be logged twice - once by Foo and once by root'
foo.additive = false
bar.warn "foo is no longer passing log events up to it's parent"
# let's look at the logger hierarchy
puts '='*76
# :startdoc:
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