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74469cf May 5, 2009
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# :stopdoc:
# Multiple loggers can be created and each can be configured with it's own
# log level and appenders. So one logger can be configured to output debug
# messages, and all the others can be left at the info or warn level. This
# makes it easier to debug specific portions of your code.
require 'logging'
# all loggers inherit the log level of the "root" logger
# but specific loggers can be given their own level
Logging.logger.root.level = :warn
# similarly, the root appender will be used by all loggers
Logging.logger.root.appenders = Logging.appenders.file('output.log')
log1 = Logging.logger['Log1']
log2 = Logging.logger['Log2']
log3 = Logging.logger['Log3']
# you can use strings or symbols to set the log level
log3.level = 'debug' "this message will not get logged" "nor will this message" "but this message will get logged"
# :startdoc:
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