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Preparing for the 0.9.4 release -- Supertaculous!!!!

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@@ -16,13 +16,13 @@ require 'webby'
task :default => 'spec:specdoc' = 'webby'
-PROJ.summary = 'static website creation and management'
+PROJ.summary = 'Awesome static website creation and management!'
PROJ.authors = 'Tim Pease' = ''
PROJ.url = '' = 'webby'
PROJ.version = Webby::VERSION
-PROJ.release_name = 'Bill Gates Alien Love Child'
+PROJ.release_name = 'Supertaculous'
PROJ.readme_file = 'README.rdoc'
PROJ.ignore_file = '.gitignore'
@@ -0,0 +1,33 @@
+title: Release 0.9.4
+created_at: 2009-04-05 22:20:34.784199 -06:00
+ - erb
+ - textile
+release_name: Supertaculous
+h2. <%= h(@page.title) %>
+Release 0.9.4 adds several new features and fixes a few bugs. The biggest new feature is the ability to display all the available Webby options along with a description of each.
+* 6 minor enhancements
+** Added a Maruku filter (thanks to Martyn Loughran)
+** Updated to version 0.8.0 of Blueprint css
+** Better handling of errors generated by filters
+** Modified how the editor is spawned when creating pages
+** URLs for index pages now have a trailing slash
+** Configuration options now have nice descriptions: @webby --options@
+* 7 bug fixes
+** Fixed haml & sass option handling [Alex Brem]
+** Work around for a parsing bug in the rdiscount gem (markdown handling)
+** Editor launching now handles switches passed to the editor
+** When a page fails to render, it no longer writes an empty file to the output folder (thereby overwriting the last good page)
+** Pagination bug
+** Presentation slides were not being found when headers had attributes
+** The blog template now has all the CSS files
+h3. Webby Options
+Using the power of the "command line" all the available Webby options can be viewed using the @webby --options@ command. This will show the option and a brief description along with the current value the option is set to. Options are only shown if the supporting gem is installed. For example, if you do not have the UltraViolet syntax highlighting gem installed you will not see the @uv@ options.
+These options are set in your Sitefile, and they control default settings and how pages are rendered.
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