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Angular2,4,6 project with AdminLTE dashboard template (using angular, angular-cli and ngx-admin-lte ) Formerly called 'ng2-admin-lte'.
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bootstraping ngx-admin-lte

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Bootstraping of Angular4 with AdminLTE dashboard template ( Using ngx-admin-lte Library)



This version use the new npm package ngx-admin-lte (this will be easier to update) If your are looking for the old version for angular check the "angular2" branch.

There's now two different repo:


Hey dude! Help me out for a couple of 🍻!


Launching with docker


Building with docker


Lauching with node > 7 locally installed

npm install -g yarn
yarn start


For the feature on the Admin_LTE template, see the readme of this repo:

Adding a component

cd src/app/widgets/
yarn ng g component my-new-widget

Adding a page

cd src/app/pages/
yarn ng g component my-new-page

Adding a service

cd src/app/services/
yarn ng g service my-new-service
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