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Default Options

Minecraft Mod. A way for modpacks to ship a default (key) configuration without having to include an options.txt file. Also allows local options from any mod .cfg file.

See the license for modpack permissions etc.

This mod is available for both Forge and Fabric (starting Minecraft 1.17).


Versions Downloads


Versions Downloads


If you're interested in contributing to the mod, you can check out issues labelled as "help wanted" . These should be ready to be implemented as they are.

If you need help, feel free to join us on Discord.

Supported Mods

By default, Default Options comes with support for the following mods:

  • OptiFine
  • ViveCraft

This means that commands such as /defaultoptions saveOptions will include options files from those mods and the defaults will be loaded from the main config/defaultoptions folder.

Other mods may be supported through the use of extra default options (see below).

Extra Default Options

The default options folder includes an config/defaultoptions/extra folder. Upon starting Minecraft, all files within this folder will be copied into the Minecraft folder while retaining their folder structure (only if the file does not exist in the Minecraft folder yet, i.e. just like the other default options, they only apply on the first run).

This allows support for more complex use cases or mods with custom options files that are not natively supported, such as JourneyMap.

Note that this folder is not automatically populated when using the /defaultoptions saveOptions command. You are required to manually copy the folders/files into the extra folder after you've configured defaults.

For example, to create default options for JourneyMap, you would:

  1. Configure JourneyMap as you like
  2. Copy the whole JourneyMap folder into the config/defaultoptions/extra so the resulting path is config/defaultoptions/extra/journeymap
  3. Within that new folder, delete all files that should not be defaulted (e.g. journeymap.log and the data folder)
  4. When running a fresh instance, the JourneyMap options will now be copied into the Minecraft folder before JourneyMap loads, making them the new default


Starting in Minecraft 1.18, Default Options provides an API for other mods to register their own default option files.

To use this API, you must specify Default Options as a build dependency in your Gradle file. You should only use classes from within the net.blay09.mods.defaultoptions.api package, as other classes may have unexpected breaking changes.

To plug into Default Options, create a class implementing DefaultOptionsPlugin. This class will be loaded by a Service Loader, so you must also create a new file under META-INF/services/net.blay09.mods.defaultoptions.api.DefaultOptionsPlugin and specify the full package & class name of your plugin in there. This is necessary because the normal mod loading hooks run too late for most default options to apply.

Within that class you can use DefaultOptionsAPI.registerOptionsFile for simple use-cases, or DefaultOptionsAPI.registerOptionsHandler for more complex use cases where you need more control over the underlying implementation.


package com.example;

public class ExamplePlugin implements DefaultOptionsPlugin {

    public void initialize() {
        DefaultOptionsAPI.registerOptionsFile(new File(DefaultOptions.getMinecraftDataDir(), "options.txt"))
                .withLinePredicate(line -> !line.startsWith("key_"))
                .withSaveHandler(() -> Minecraft.getInstance();




Minecraft Mod. A way for modpacks to ship default settings without having to include an options.txt file.