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Farming for Blockheads

Minecraft Mod. Adds farming utilities, such as a seed market, fertilizer and feeding troughs.

See the license for modpack permissions etc.

This mod is available for both Forge and Fabric (starting Minecraft 1.17).


Versions Downloads


Versions Downloads


If you're interested in contributing to the mod, you can check out issues labelled as "help wanted" . These should be ready to be implemented as they are.

If you need help, feel free to join us on Discord.

Custom Market Entries

Data packs are now used to configure the market. You can place JSON files inside a farmingforblockheads_compat folder (so the resulting path would be data/<namespace>/farmingforblockheads_compat/{files}.json) within a datapack which will be loaded. For simple scenarios, you can also use the MarketRegistry.json file under config/farmingforblockheads/MarketRegistry.json.

See here for an example:

Group overrides can be used to enable or disable inbuilt extensions.

Enabled by Default:

  • Vanilla
    • Vanilla Seeds
    • Vanilla Saplings
    • Bone Meal
  • Biomes O' Plenty
    • BiomesOPlenty Saplings
  • Create
    • Create Fertilizer
  • Farmer's Delight
    • Farmers Delight Seeds
  • Quark
    • Quark Saplings
  • Simple Farming
    • SimpleFarming Saplings
    • SimpleFarming Seeds
  • Supplementaries
    • Supplementaries Seeds
  • Tropicraft
    • Tropicraft Fertilizer
    • Tropicraft Saplings

Optional Groups (many of these provided by seanimusprime):

  • Vanilla
    • Vanilla Flowers
    • Vanilla Mushrooms
    • Vanilla Crops
    • Vanilla Soil
    • Animal Eggs
  • Biomes O' Plenty
    • BiomesOPlenty Flowers
    • BiomesOPlenty Mushroom
    • BiomesOPlenty Soil
  • BetterEnd
    • BetterEnd Saplings
    • BetterEnd Seeds
    • BetterEnd Mushrooms
  • BetterNether
    • BetterNether Saplings
    • BetterNether Seeds
    • BetterNether Mushrooms
    • BetterNether Soil
  • Buzzier Bees
    • Buzzier Bees Flowers
  • Cinderscapes
    • Cinderscapes Berries
    • Cinderscapes Soil
  • Endergetic Expansion
    • Endergetic Expansion Soil
  • Farmer's Delight
    • Farmers Delight Mushroom Colonies
    • Farmers Delight Soil
    • Farmers Delight Wild Crops
  • Farming for Blockheads
    • Farming for Blockheads Fertilizer
  • Minecolonies
    • Minecolonies Soil
  • Minecraft Earth Mod
    • Minecraft Earth Flowers
  • Nether's Delight
    • Nethers Delight Compost
  • The Outer End
    • Outer End Berries
    • Outer End Flowers
    • Outer End Soil
  • Quark
    • Quark Mushroom
    • Quark Soil
  • The Abyss: Chapter II
    • The Abyss Saplings
    • The Abyss Soil
  • Tropicraft
    • Tropicraft Flowers
    • Tropicraft Crops
  • Twilight Forest
    • Twilight Forest Berries
    • Twilight Forest Saplings
    • Twilight Forest Soil

Some other mods may also add native support for their own seeds. Check the data packs added by those mods to find their group names.


The below is a list of IMC messages handled by Farming for Blockheads.

  • RegisterMarketCategory (NBT)
    • RegistryName (String) - Resource location, must be prefixed with your mod id!
    • Tooltip (String) - Should be the language key for the tooltip
    • Texture (String) - Resource location to the texture sheet for your category icon
    • TextureX (Integer) - X coordinate of the icon on the texture sheet (icons must be 20x20)
    • TextureY (Integer) - Y coordinate of the icon on the texture sheet (icons must be 20x20)
  • RegisterMarketEntry (NBT)
    • OutputItem (ItemStack)
    • CostItem (ItemStack)
    • Category (String) - Resource location, must be a registered category. Default categories are farmingforblockheads:seeds, farmingforblockheads:saplings and farmingforblockheads:other

Java API

If the IMC API is not enough for you, you can build against Farming for Blockheads' Java API. The Java API allows everything the IMC API does, and certain tasks can only be achieved via the Java API. However, if you don't need that extra control, it is recommended to use the IMC API.

Adding the dependency to your build.gradle

repositories {
    maven {
        url ""

dependencies {
    compile "farming-for-blockheads:FarmingForBlockheads_1.12.2:3.1.26"

The latest version number can be found on CurseForge.