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"states": [
"AK": [
{"name": "Mark Begich", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "AK"},
{"name": "Lisa Murkowski", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "AK"}],
"AL": [
{"name": "Jeff Sessions", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "AL"},
{"name": "Richard C. Shelby", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "AL"}],
"AR": [
{"name": "John Boozman", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "AR"},
{"name": "Mark L. Pryor", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "AR"}],
"AZ": [
{"name": "Jon Kyl", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "AZ"},
{"name": "John McCain", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "AZ"}],
"CA": [
{"name": "Barbara Boxer", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "CA"},
{"name": "Dianne Feinstein", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "CA"}],
"CO": [
{"name": "Michael F. Bennet", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "CO"},
{"name": "Mark Udall", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "CO"}],
"CT": [
{"name": "Richard Blumenthal", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "CT"},
{"name": "Joseph I. Lieberman", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "CT"}],
"DE": [
{"name": "Thomas R. Carper", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "DE"},
{"name": "Christopher A. Coons", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "DE"}],
"FL": [
{"name": "Bill Nelson", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "FL"},
{"name": "Marco Rubio", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "FL"}],
"GA": [
{"name": "Saxby Chambliss", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "GA"},
{"name": "Johnny Isakson", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "GA"}],
"HI": [
{"name": "Daniel K. Akaka", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "HI"},
{"name": "Daniel K. Inouye", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "HI"}],
"IA": [
{"name": "Chuck Grassley", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "IA"},
{"name": "Tom Harkin", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "IA"}],
"ID": [
{"name": "Mike Crapo", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "ID"},
{"name": "James E. Risch", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "ID"}],
"IL": [
{"name": "Richard J. Durbin", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "IL"},
{"name": "Tammy Duckworth", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "IL"}],
"IN": [
{"name": "Daniel Coats", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "IN"},
{"name": "Richard G. Lugar", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "IN"}],
"KS": [
{"name": "Jerry Moran", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "KS"},
{"name": "Pat Roberts", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "KS"}],
"KY": [
{"name": "Mitch McConnell", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "KY"},
{"name": "Rand Paul", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "KY"}],
"LA": [
{"name": "Mary L. Landrieu", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "LA"},
{"name": "David Vitter", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "LA"}],
"MA": [
{"name": "Scott P. Brown", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MA"},
{"name": "John F. Kerry", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MA"}],
"MD": [
{"name": "Benjamin L. Cardin", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MD"},
{"name": "Barbara A. Mikulski", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MD"}],
"ME": [
{"name": "Susan M. Collins", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "ME"},
{"name": "Olympia J. Snowe", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "ME"}],
"MI": [
{"name": "Carl Levin", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MI"},
{"name": "Debbie Stabenow", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MI"}],
"MN": [
{"name": "Al Franken", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MN"},
{"name": "Amy Klobuchar", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MN"}],
"MO": [
{"name": "Roy Blunt", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MO"},
{"name": "Claire McCaskill", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MO"}],
"MS": [
{"name": "Thad Cochran", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MS"},
{"name": "Roger F. Wicker", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MS"}],
"MT": [
{"name": "Max Baucus", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "MT"},
{"name": "Jon Tester", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "MT"}],
"NC": [
{"name": "Richard Burr", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NC"},
{"name": "Kay R. Hagan", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NC"}],
"ND": [
{"name": "Kent Conrad", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "ND"},
{"name": "John Hoeven", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "ND"}],
"NE": [
{"name": "Mike Johanns", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NE"},
{"name": "Ben Nelson", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NE"}],
"NH": [
{"name": "Kelly Ayotte", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NH"},
{"name": "Jeanne Shaheen", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NH"}],
"NJ": [
{"name": "Frank R. Lautenberg", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NJ"},
{"name": "Robert Menendez", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NJ"}],
"MN": [
{"name": "Jeff Bingaman", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NM"},
{"name": "Tom Udall", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NM"}],
"NV": [
{"name": "John Ensign", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NV"},
{"name": "Harry Reid", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NV"}],
"NY": [
{"name": "Kirsten E. Gillibrand", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "NY"},
{"name": "Charles E. Schumer", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "NY"}],
"OH": [
{"name": "Sherrod Brown", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "OH"},
{"name": "Rob Portman", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "OH"}],
"OK": [
{"name": "Tom Coburn", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "OK"},
{"name": "James M. Inhofe", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "OK"}],
"OR": [
{"name": "Jeff Merkley", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "OR"},
{"name": "Ron Wyden", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "OR"}],
"PA": [
{"name": "Robert P., Jr. Casey", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "PA"},
{"name": "Patrick J. Toomey", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "PA"}],
"RI": [
{"name": "Jack Reed", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "RI"},
{"name": "Sheldon Whitehouse", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "RI"}],
"SC": [
{"name": "Jim DeMint", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "SC"},
{"name": "Lindsey Graham", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "SC"}],
"SD": [
{"name": "Tim Johnson", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "SD"},
{"name": "John Thune", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "SD"}],
"TN": [
{"name": "Lamar Alexander", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "TN"},
{"name": "Bob Corker", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "TN"}],
"TX": [
{"name": "John Cornyn", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "TX"},
{"name": "Kay Bailey Hutchison", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "TX"}],
"UT": [
{"name": "Orrin G. Hatch", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "UT"},
{"name": "Mike Lee", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "UT"}],
"VA": [
{"name": "Mark R. Warner", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "VA"},
{"name": "Jim Webb", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "VA"}],
"VT": [
{"name": "Patrick J. Leahy", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "VT"},
{"name": "Bernard Sanders", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "VT"}],
"WA": [
{"name": "Maria Cantwell", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "WA"},
{"name": "Patty Murray", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "WA"}],
"WI": [
{"name": "Ron Johnson", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "WI"},
{"name": "Herb Kohl", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "WI"}],
"WV": [
{"name": "Joe, III Manchin", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "WV"},
{"name": "John D., IV Rockefeller", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "WV"}],
"WY": [
{"name": "John Barrasso", "phone": "+14157671351", "state": "WY"},
{"name": "Michael B. Enzi", "phone": "+12174412652", "state": "WY"}]
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