sample app demonstrating SMS notifications using ASP.NET MVC
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Server Notifications on ASP.NET MVC

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Use Twilio to send SMS alerts so that you never miss a critical issue.

Read the full tutorial here!

Local development

  1. First clone this repository and cd into its directory:

    git clone
    cd server-notifications-csharp
  2. Create a copy of ServerNotifications.Web/Web.config.sample and rename it to ServerNotifications.Web/Web.config.

  3. Open ServerNotifications.Web/Web.config and update the following keys:

      <!-- omitted for clarity -->
      <add key="TwilioAccountSid" value="TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID"/>
      <add key="TwilioAuthToken" value="TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN"/>
      <add key="TwilioPhoneNumber" value="TWILIO_PHONE_NUMBER"/>

    You can find your Twilio credentials Account SID and Auth Token at

    Also, you can find a Twilio Phone Number at

  4. Open ServerNotifications.Web/App_Data/administrators.csv and update the the list of administrators accordingly to your requirements.

  5. Build the solution.

    That's it!