Solidity smart contract code for ERC20 token and crowdsale
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Ethereum Smart Contract

TwinToken(XTW) Contract Details

  • Creates/Mints 10 billion Tokens and holds them inside contract.
  • Token and Sale Contract reference eachother.
  • Code based on OpenZeppelin audited erc20.
  • Tested on truffle for unit testing.
  • Uses Safemath Library from OpenZeppelin for safer mathematical calculations.
  • Added distrubution function for ease of access. Only accessible to Owner of the contract.
function distributeTokens(address _to, uint256 _value) public onlyOwner returns (bool success) {
        _value = _value * 10**18;
        require(balances[owner] >= _value && _value > 0);
        balances[_to] = balances[_to].add(_value);
        balances[owner] = balances[owner].sub(_value);
        Transfer(owner, _to, _value);
        return true;

TwinToken(XTW) Crowdsale Contract Details

  • Converts payable ETH to TOKEN's directly to user
  • ETH payed to contract is forwarded to a different wallet (owner's wallet)
  • Updateable ETH/TOKEN rate
function changeRate (uint256 _RATE) external onlyOwner {
       RATE = _RATE;
  • Ability to turn on/off sale. (via sale contract)
  • Crowdsale ends on a specific date
  • Token contrbutions will be removed from the Crowdsale contract and transfered to the purchaser.