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Source code and assets for the TwinklebearDev SDL 2.0 Lessons. The full lesson text is available at my site.

Lesson Index:

  • Lesson 0: Setting up SDL:
    • A simple program to make sure you've set up SDL correctly
  • Lesson 1: Hello World:
    • The standard Hello World program, for SDL 2.0
  • Lesson 2: Don't Put Everything in Main
    • An introduction to creating some functions to help us with writing better and reusable code.
  • Lesson 3: SDL Extension Libraries
    • An introduction to the various extension libraries that are available for SDL in this lesson we cover usage of SDL_image to load non-BMP images
  • Lesson 4: Handling Events
    • An introduction to using SDL's event system to get user input from the window, mouse and keyboard
  • Lesson 5: Clipping Sprite Sheets
    • An introduction to selecting specific subsets of an image sheet, ie. sprite sheet, that we want to draw
  • Lesson 6: True Type Fonts with SDL_ttf
    • An introduction to using the SDL_ttf extension library to render true type fonts

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