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An example of a scivis style volume renderer, hopefully in the future supporting rendering of distributed data. Currently it's just a simple volume raycaster which can load and render RAW volume files and colormap them with some default provided transfer functions, grayscale, cool_warm and jet or by loading a transfer function exported from ParaView. Examples of the scene format can be found in scenes/.

Below are two example images of datasets from OSPRay's downloadable demos, the magnetic reconnection 512^3 data set and the CSAFE 302^3 dataset, colormapped with transfer functions exported from ParaView. The scene files for these are included in scenes/ though you'll need to download the volume data from the OSPRay webpage.

Magnetic Reconnection, via the OSPRay demos page courtesy of Bill Daughton (LANL) and Berk Geveci (KitWare) from this paper Magnetic Reconnection

ddvol can also render implicit isosurfaces, set with the -i or --isovalue argument. Magnetic Reconnection with Isosurface

CSAFE, via the OSPRay demos page courtesy of of the Center for the Simulation of Accidental Fires and Explosions (CSAFE) at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI), University of Utah. CSAFE