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This example is a simple pathtracer supporting planes and spheres with Lambertian materials illuminated by point light sources. It shows more complicated interoperability with Rust code where we have corresponding Rust and ISPC side structs working together in the program.

Note that here for dynamic dispatch I'm using enums to tag the types of the geometry, lights and materials since the base structs are shared with Rust and it gets a bit ugly w/ ISPC's exported function pointers. Another option is to have the ispc_equiv pointers be just void pointers so the type and function pointers and such don't need to be bound in Rust and are more opaque.

Some examples scenes can be found under scenes/ which you can use as a guide if you want to create your own. The images for the scenes shown are at higher resolution and samples per pixel than the provided ones are but that can be changed by adjusting the width, height and n_samples elements of the scene.

Sphere on Plane: sphere on plane

R Spheres: r spheres