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Theta Tunnel Script

Due to how the machine is configured, it's not currently possible to open a reverse ssh tunnel from a compute node back to a login node, since it incorrectly routes you through the firewall and thus requires you to enter your crypto-card. Instead to tunnel into a compute node and connect to some vis-app server running there you must perform 2 hops of SSH tunneling + 1 hop of socat to get the connection through. socat is not installed on Theta but it's quick to build from source. The last hop of socat is required because you can't ssh directly onto the compute nodes at all. The commands to setup the connection are:

  1. First tunnel into any theta login node. ssh -L port:localhost:port

  2. Next tunnel into any mom node. The mom node # is not important, as they can see all compute nodes on the network. ssh -L port:localhost:port thetamom#

  3. On the mom node run socat to bridge between the ssh tunnel and the TCP socket (or whatever socket you open) running on the compute node. socat TCP-LISTEN:port TCP:nid#####:port

You can now connect your client running on your desktop to localhost:port and it will tunnel through to the server running on the compute node. The network connections look like so:

      ssh -L X:localhost:X \            ssh -L X:localhost:X \       socat TCP-LISTEN:X \                    thetamom1                   TCP:nid#####:X
Desk ---------------------------> Login ----------------------> mom1 --------------------> nid#####

The script provided in this repo executes this sequence of commands using SSH remote command execution.

Script Usage

Usage: ./ <user name> <worker id> <port>

Enabling SSH into Compute Nodes

More recently I've learned you can enable SSH onto the compute nodes by passing --attrs=enable_ssh=1 when you run qsub

The script will tunnel the local port <port> through to a connection on Theta compute node nid<worker id>:<port> allowing you to connect to a remote running vis client. You should enter the worker id without any leading zeros.


A script for tunneling ports onto Theta compute nodes for remote visualization




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