A very simple Wavefront OBJ viewer using tobj and glium
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tobj viewer

A simple Wavefront OBJ viewer that uses tobj to load models and glium to render them. The rendering code is essentially straight out of the glium teapot demo but will also re-scale models to fit within a unit cube so it's easier to view a wide variety of models at potentially very different scales. To run pass the OBJ file to the viewer, e.g. through Cargo you can run the provided Utah teapot example:

cargo run -- teapot.obj

You can then use WASD to move forward/backward/sideways and the up/down arrows to move vertically.


The rendering quality is extremely basic, this program is mostly used to check that tobj is loading things properly on some bigger scenes.

Stanford Buddha Rust Logo Rungholt

The Buddha is from the Stanford Scanning Repository and the Rust logo was modeled Nylithius on BlenderArtists. The Rungholt model can be found on Morgan McGuire's meshes page and was originally built by kescha.