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A binding of Exuberant CTags for spotlight.

With this spotlight module, Spotlight will be able to index top level structures of you code such as structures, functions, classes and methods. Then when searching a project or any kind of code, you will be able to refine your search by specifying what kind of element you went to be in the search.


To install the mdimporter, you just have to drop it in the /Library/spotlight folder.

After installing the plugin, you should reset your spotlight database with the following command sudo mdutil -E /

Supported attributes

When searching in spotlight, you can add the following criteria to narrow your search :

  • Source code Functions
  • Source code Classes
  • Source code Macros
  • Source code Methods
  • Source code Constructors
  • Source code Types
  • Source code Module
  • Source code Variable
  • Source code Structure
  • Source code Constant
  • Source code Enum

To be able to use it, you must start a spotlight search, click on the (+) button to add a search criteria, and find them in the "Other" categories (they are not in the list directly).

For french user you must search the following tags :

  • Fonction de code
  • Classe de code
  • Macro de code
  • Méthode de classe
  • Contructeur de donnée
  • Type de donnée
  • Module de code
  • Variable Globale
  • Structure de donnée
  • Constante
  • Enumération

They may change in the future, as I find them not particularly fitting.

Supported languages

The mdimport support the following system defined language :

  • Assembler
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Sh
  • Fortran

Additionally, the module support the following languages, which only work under weird conditions (it works only if MacVim is installed) :

  • C#
  • Erlang
  • Lisp
  • Pascal
  • TCL

The following file types are somehow supported, but I've never been able to get spotlight to index them. So maybe they will be indexed on your system :

  • Eiffel
  • Lua
  • OCaml
  • SML
  • Scheme
  • VHDL
  • Verilog


Open the xcode project, build, done.


The same as Exuberant CTags so it's GPL I guess. CTagSpotlight integrate a tweaked version of CTags up to version 5.8 with patches from the SVN repository.


Making Exuberant CTags work with Spotlight to index your code source.






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