A no-frills active record implementation for node-mysql.
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Quell is a MySQL Active Record solution for NodeJS based on Backbone.Model.

Quell does not support joins. It is built to manage individual records in a database on a per-row basis.

Quell does not manage table schema, but will automatically load schema and sanitize input against table column types.

NPM version Licensed MIT Nodejs 4+ Downloads Build Status


NPM: npm install mysql quell

Quell is built to work with connection pools from node-mysql and mysql2.


var mysql = require('mysql');
var pool = mysql.createPool({ /* MySQL Connection Settings */});

var quell = require('quell');

var Book   = quell('books', { connection: pool });
var Author = quell('authors', { connection: pool });

var tperry = new Author({
  firstname: 'Terry',
  lastname: 'Pratchett'

var nightWatch = new Book({
  title: 'Night Watch'

tperry.save().then(function () {
  nightWatch.set('authorid', tperry.get('id'));
  return nightWatch.save();

Visit quelljs.com for documentation.

##Running Unit Tests

From inside the repository root, run npm install to install the test dependencies.

Run npm run test:unit to run just unit tests.

Run npm run test:int to run integration tests. Note, running the integration test requires a mktmp.io account configuration.

Run npm run test:cover to run all tests with code coverage.

Run npm run lint to validate ESLint rules.

npm test runs all of the above.