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A fresh, new open source PHP MVC micro framework

  • Full MVC architecture
  • Open source
  • Completely bespoke
  • Quick and memory-efficient
  • Easily expandable without editing the core
  • Loads of pre-built tools included

One line is all it takes:

require_once( 'twist/framework.php' );

...or with Composer

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';


To get started with a Vagrant machine:


Full documentation of the framework can be found on the TwistPHP website.

Code examples can also be found in the examples area.


Please use the GitHub's issue tracker to report any problems.


The CSS and JS resources for TwistPHP are compiled using Gulp. After cloning the repository, you can install the necessary packages with npm install and then compile using gulp. The source files for all the resources can be found in the /src directory.


For branching, please use the 'development' branch. All updates apart from hotfixes will get pushed from the development branch to the master.


As of v3.0.4, TwistPHP is licenced with GNU GPLv3.

Up to and including v3.0.3, the GNU LGPLv3 was used.