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A project to better organize and list all available bounties on a discord server.
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A Discord Bounty Bot originally designed for TurtleCoin written in node.js The Bot has since evolved into a multi-server Bot capable of handling a complete line of settings, custom command prefix, and a custom subdomain on DOMAIN COMING SOON

This BountyBot can be used for other servers easily!


Feature Current Coming
Can be used in channels
Can be used via DM
Utilizes Manual Payment Options
Full Featured API
Custom command Prefix

= Full Feature = Partial Feature that Requires additional support


Using the BountyBot should be fairly easy.

Invite the bot to your server:


Once the Bot is a member, type the command !*BB_Setup* to set the bot up
To see all current settings, type the command !*BB_Settings*
For General Help, use the command !*BB_Help*
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