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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
# appends to PYTHONPATH the location of the example codes
import quick2wire.i2c as i2c
import time
# Here the address that the port expander is at is set
address_1 = 0x08
address_2 = 0x09
address_3 = 0x0a
address_4 = 0x0b
address_5 = 0x0c
# The following save the addresses of some of the registers in the port expander that we will need
char_reg = 0x00 #[rw]
addr_pins = 0x00 #[rd] read the address pins
bitmaph_reg = 0x01 #[rw]
bitmapl_reg = 0x02 #[rw]
sevenseg_reg = 0x03 #[rw]
dimmer_reg = 0x0B #[rw]
delay_reg = 0x0C #[rw]
command_reg = 0x0D #[rw]
fw_core = 0x0E #[rd]
fw_rev = 0x0F #[rd]
# This function writes a value into a register
def write_register(bus, addr, reg, b):
i2c.writing_bytes(addr, reg, b))
# This function reads a value from a register
def read_register(bus, addr, reg):
return bus.transaction(
i2c.writing_bytes(addr, reg),
i2c.reading(addr, 1))[0][0]
def blank_display():
write_register(bus, address_1, char_reg, 0b00010000)
write_register(bus, address_5, char_reg, 0b00010000)
write_register(bus, address_2, char_reg, 0b00010000)
write_register(bus, address_4, char_reg, 0b00010000)
write_register(bus, address_3, char_reg, 0b00010000)
# The main parts of the program start here
with i2c.I2CMaster() as bus:
print("-> Program Starting")
print("|_ Setting 75% intensity")
write_register(bus, address_1, dimmer_reg, 0x75)
write_register(bus, address_2, dimmer_reg, 0x75)
write_register(bus, address_3, dimmer_reg, 0x75)
write_register(bus, address_4, dimmer_reg, 0x75)
write_register(bus, address_5, dimmer_reg, 0x75)
print("|_ Stopping Burn-in if running")
write_register(bus, address_1, command_reg, 0x02)
write_register(bus, address_2, command_reg, 0x02)
write_register(bus, address_3, command_reg, 0x02)
write_register(bus, address_4, command_reg, 0x02)
write_register(bus, address_5, command_reg, 0x02)
print("|_ Blanking Display")