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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import time
import sys
# appends to PYTHONPATH the location of the example codes
import twitalu_RegB as RegB
import twitalu_RegA as RegA
import twitalu_ALU as ALU
# This version of the math library requires no hardware to function.
# It returns the same variables as
import twitalu_OPCODES as OP
import twitalu_globals as globals
def calculate(numA, operation, numB):
# Remove defining characters, convert to int
numA = int(numA)
numB = int(numB)
operation = operation
operation = operation.lower()
# Decode operation and calculate
if operation == "+":
result = Add(numA, numB)
elif operation == "-":
result = Sub(numA, numB)
elif operation == "*":
result = Mult(numA, numB)
elif operation == "/":
result = Div(numA, numB)
elif operation == "AND":
result = AND(numA, numB)
elif operation == "OR":
result = OR(numA, numB)
elif operation == "XOR":
result = XOR(numA, numB)
elif operation == "ROR":
result = Shift_r(numA, numB)
elif operation == "ROL":
result = Shift_l(numA, numB)
# Return answer
def Sub(num1, num2):
return(num1 - num2)
def Add(num1, num2):
return(num1 + num2)
def Div(num1, num2):
return(num1 / num2)
def Mult(num1, num2):
return(num1 * num2)
def AND(num1, num2):
return(num1 & num2)
def OR(num1, num2):
return(num1 | num2)
def XOR(num1, num2):
return(x ^ y)
def Shift_r(num1, num_bits):
return(num1 >> num_bits)
def Shift_l(num1, num_bits):
return(num1 << num_bits)
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